Ideas For Getting Rid Of Your Old Junk Car

If you have an old car that doesn't run, you'd probably like to get it off of your property. It can cost a lot to have it towed, plus you need a place to dispose of it. The solution could be to just sell the car for cash. Here are ways you might be able to do that.

Sell To Someone As A Fixer Upper

While you can't sell a clunker to someone and pretend it has nothing wrong with it, you might be able to sell the car to someone who wants to fix it up for a teen driver or to use as a second car. Of course, the body has to be in good shape to get an interested buyer. You may not get much for the car, especially if it has a serious mechanical problem, but you could at least get the car off your property that way.

Sell To A Metal Dealer

You might find a metal dealer who buys junk cars for cash. Again, you might not make much money, but considering the car will be towed away for free, you'll come out ahead. The amount of money you get for the car depends on the amount of metal it has and the worth to the metal dealer. Prices will fluctuate along with the market. Sometimes you would get more money than others depending on the going price for metal.

Sell To A Junkyard For Parts

Selling your car for cash to a scrap yard could be a good choice. If your car was a popular model when it was new, there could be a demand for old parts. The parts in the car might be the value that brings the most money when you sell. However, you also have to factor in how you'll get the car to the junkyard. If the yard has to send a tow truck to pick up the car, you'll probably get less money. You might not have a choice but to have it towed if the car doesn't run and isn't street legal.

Before you try to sell the car, check the Blue Book value and then look for prices of some of the parts. This can give you a rough idea of what the car might be worth, but since it doesn't run, it will lose a lot of value. It the car is rusted out or totaled, it may be worth even less. The only way to know for sure how much you'll get is to call and ask. You may get lucky and get a nice price, but even if you don't get much money, you'll find a way to have the car removed from your property, and that's worth a lot.

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